Avocado Vegan Organic Hybrid Mattress (and Pillow Top) Detailed Review

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America’s #1 rated organic mattress now has a PETA approved Vegan Hybrid.  Avocado handcrafts each 100% organic mattress in its own GOLS certified factory just outside of Los Angeles.

Mattress Type/Category Latex Hybrid – VEGAN
Comfort Styles 2: Original & Pillowtop
Height 11”-13”
Total Layers 6
Cover Organic cotton
Comfort layers 3”-5” of Organic Dunlop Latex
Support System Up to 1,414 individually wrapped steel coils, 5 zone support plus fully reinforced steel perimeter
Tufting Needle Tufting (all the way though the mattress)
Sleeps Cool Excellent
Good for Couples? / Motion Transfer Excellent
Edge Support Excellent
Budget (before Sandman 10% Coupon) Regular Twin to King, $1099 – $2,099, Queen $1,599
PT Twin to King, $1,499 – $2,799, Queen $2,099
Feeling when lying down Feeling of sleeping more on top of the mattress
Avocado is ideal for Reg: stomach & back sleepers up to 220lbs
PT: Sleepers up to 250lbs
All sleeping positions
Prefer to sleep more on top
Sensitive sleepers
Avocado is not right for For the regular, exclusive side sleepers
Sleep Trial & Warranty 1 Year Trial! 25 Year Warranty
That one special thing Vegan Certified Pure Organic Luxury

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Company Overview

Avocado is everything Organic. Their mission is simple. Produce luxurious 100% organic mattresses for an affordable price. Their Mantra: Make Healthy Sleep Accessible and Affordable. Formed in 2015, they launched the Avocado Green mattress in 2016. This California and New Jersey based company set out to achieve a lofty goal – and they nailed it. Not only do they have all of the certifications to prove it, but they went one step further. Avocado owns and controls its entire supply chain. That’s right, the sheep farms that produce the wool (for non-vegan lines), the cotton fields that produce the cotton, the rubber trees in India that produce the latex. They even own the entire California based manufacturing facility (CU863637) which is one of only 5 GOTS and GOLS organic certified production facilities in the US.

Avocado doesn’t stop at organic materials, they have a relentless focus on high quality craftsmanship. In 2018, Avocado merged with Brentwood Home – maker of the award winning Oceano mattress. Brentwood has been hand crafting luxury mattresses from Santa Monica California since 1987. All Avocado mattresses are assembled by hand in this California factory.

The result: A fully organic vegan mattress line, made by hand at an affordable price.

How Organic is the Avocado Mattress? Here are some of their certifications:

  1. GOLS Organic Certified Natural Latex
  2. GOTS Organic certified cotton
  3. Greenguard Gold Certified
  4. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified
  5. Formaldehyde-Free Certified
  6. FSC Certified
  7. Vegan Certified by Vegan.org
  8. Non-Toxic, Safe, and Responsible
  9. No Polyurethane Foams
  10. Rainforest Alliance
  11. Carbon Negative
  12. Biodegradable & Zero-Waste

Here we’ll be reviewing the Avocado Vegan Mattress (both regular and pillowtop). Let’s get into what makes it the mattress Consumers Reports rated Best Mattress of 2018 – 2021.

Avocado Construction & Materials

Certified Vegan

Vegan Action (the Vegan Awareness Foundation) in Richmond, Virginia, has certified Avocado’s Vegan Mattress. It is also a PETA-approved product. That means all vegan mattresses are third-party validated to not contain wool or other animal products or byproducts that have been tested on animals. Instead of wool, we use a generous layer of USDA certified 100% organic cotton batting.

The Cover

Avocado starts with a 100% certified ultra soft cotton cover. Cotton is one of the softest, most breathable and most comfortable fabrics available. It’s cool, wicks moisture and, better still, is more sustainable. No polyester is blended in here. You will also notice circular petals dotted evenly throughout the mattress top. That’s the hand tufting that Avocado uses to keep all the parts nice and snug together. For an added aesthetic pleasure, Avocado adds a rich green tape edge to where the side meets the top of the mattress. While not structurally significant, it adds a beautiful design accent.

NO glues are used during the assembly process, all cover materials are stitched together, by hand.

AND the Avocado comes with 4 extra durable handles. Latex can be heavy, and the handles assist greatly when either moving or rotating the mattress.

Fire Retardant Layer

The US mandates all mattresses have a fire resistant barrier. Most companies choose a chemical solvent, and organic non-vegan manufacturers choose wool, but not the Avocado. The Vegan mattress infuses graphite into its latex.  Graphite into the latex for its fire barrier.  Graphite expands when it comes into contact with high heat and absorbs the oxygen around it, thereby preventing the spread and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Comfort Layers

Avocado uses 100% FSC® certified (C156318) Dunlop latex in every mattress. Of the two types of latex (Dunlop and Talalay), Dunlop is more eco-conscious as it uses less processing. As an added benefit, Avocado’s latex is also Rainforest Alliance certified. All latex is manufactured in facilities owned by Avocado so they can maintain control over the entire process under the close watchful eye of the USDA’s National Organic Program. Dunlop latex is naturally antimicrobial, cooler than memory foam, requires no adhesives to seam it together, and is more durable than Talalay latex.

Latex is made from rubber sap. As a result, it is more responsive than memory foam (which absorbs energy). Laying on latex, you can feel the material pushing back against you creating a bit of a “bounce”. For greater cooling, Avocado perforates their latex, increasing air flow throughout the mattress.

The Avocado Vegan Mattress has 2 latex layers providing a total of 3 inches of comfort. The top layer consists of 2 inches of plush latex for comfort and body contouring. The bottom layer is a denser support layer. To provide even greater motion isolation, Avocado uses a laser to cut waves into the bottom of the latex layer (a process called convoluting) to provide greater energy absorption.

The Avocado Vegan Pillowtop Mattress boasts 5 inches of latex comfort (2 inches more than the Vegan in an attached Plush Euro-Top). Avocado added the pillowtop to provide even greater pressure relief for side sleepers. As with all of their latex, it comes perforated for increased air circulation and a convoluted wavy design for greater motion isolation.

Support Layer

Avocado chose one of the most advanced support systems to pair with their 100% organic latex comfort layer. Up to 1451 individually pocketed 8 inch coils is just the start. The springs have a 5 zoned support system, placing softer (yet incredibly supportive) springs in the shoulder and hip region and more support where it counts, in the middle third of our body. Finally, they reinforced the edge coils so that you can sleep all the way to the edge of the mattress without any feeling of falling out. The result: a support system that properly aligns the spine while relieving pressure points for a comfortable night’s rest.


To ensure that everything fit together snug and tight on the mattress, Avocado decided on a 300 year old tried and true method – Needle Tufting. Needle tufting is the process of taking a long needle (as thick as the mattress) all the way through the layers to the base and back up. They tie each tufting with a flower pattern. This type of stitching can only be done by hand through the experts at Avocado’s manufacturing facility. The result, no clumping or shifting of materials creating a solid feeling mattress for a deep sleep all night long.

Does it Sleep Cool?

Yes! Avocado has several mechanisms to give you a cool and dry comfortable night sleep (even for us furnace sleepers). A cool night sleep starts with a dry night sleep. Let’s see how Avocado makes this happen. The first step is the plush cotton fabric cover. It is breathable and naturally wicks away moisture.  It also promotes airflow through the fibers. The latex is perforated and channeled allowing for air to flow freely whether we are moving or staying still at night. Finally, the hybrid has springs which further promote air flow. The result, a cool dry sleep all night long.

Avocado Comfort & Feel

Avocado Vegan Mattress

Woman resting her head all the way to the edge of the Avocado mattress demonstrating the superior edge support. She is laying on her back, reading her phone.

The Avocado Vegan mattress is a great Organic option for back and stomach sleepers. The 5 zoned spring coils and the 3 inches of latex provide a significant amount of support whereby back and stomach sleepers will get the most comfort. As latex is very responsive, this bed has quite a bit of “bounce”. While a lighter side sleeper could find the proper pressure relief, the 3 inches of latex doesn’t quite have enough give in order to properly relieve hip and shoulder pressure for those of us over 160 pounds. You will definitely not sink as this bed is designed to sleep “on top” of this mattress. The bed still packs in all of the same cooling features that organic cotton and latex can provide, and sleeping on top means additional material will not be surrounding you, trapping in heat. If you do end up on your side, you won’t have as much pressure relief. You will, however, have the same cooling factors and, of course, support.

  • On Sandman’s Firmness Scale, we rate the Vegan a 7.5 out of 10.
  • Stomach and back sleepers will get the most benefit out of the Vegan. Any side sleepers should look more toward the Pillow Top, which is a multi sleeper.
  • The firm comfort layer provides very little sink, but even so, the superior airflow design and advanced cooling technology will keep you cool and dry all night long.
  • Edge support is excellent – no side sagging here!
Avocado Vegan Pillowtop Mattress

Looking for the perfect blend of 100% organic comfort and support? Look no further than Avocado’s most popular version, the Vegan Pillowtop Mattress. Immediately upon laying on the lux firm, you can feel the plush cover and naturally cool plush latex but you quickly feel the substantial support cradling your body. Your body will be teleported away to a REM inducing deep sleep. Almost immediately you will feel the support of the coil system begin to push back and cradle your body no matter which position you sleep. The PIllowtop is a true MULTI SLEEPER, designed to support all sleeping styles, side, stomach, back and any combination therein. You will feel just enough pressure relief on the top of the mattress but you are also going to have the support system that is going to keep you “on” the mattress rather than “in” the mattress. No matter your sleeping style, you cannot go wrong with this mattress. It’s going to have the cooling factors minus the deep enveloping sink. The additional 2 inches of plush comfort layer gives it a medium to medium firm feel. The pillowtop has just enough latex comfort to provide superior support while at the same time keeping your body aligned correctly.

  • On Sandman’s Firmness Scale, we rate the Vegan Pillowtop a 6.5 out of 10.
  • This is a MultiSleeper, designed for all sleeping styles.
  • The luxurious comfort layer provides a little bit of sink, but even so, the superior airflow design and advanced cooling technology will keep you cool and dry all night long. The latex also provides a bit of bounce as it gently cradles your body.
  • Edge support is superior – no side sagging here!

Motion Isolation

Vegan Mattress: Good

Latex, known for its quick response, is a different type of a material than the traditional memory foams that absorb energy. Latex provides more “bounce” which is excellent for some bedtime activities but takes a little away from motion isolation. As a result, you may feel your partner slightly at night. Sandman rates the Vegan Mattress a Good for motion isolation. For greater motion isolation, have a look at the Vegan Pillowtop.

Vegan Pillowtop Mattress: Excellent

Avocado significantly decreased the motion transfer by adding the 2 inch EuroTop. Although Latex is still more responsive than memory foam, the bed now has 5 inches of comfort material over the springs. And the pillowtop is plush which dampens the motion to a greater degree. From a hybrid perspective, motion isolation is excellent in the Vegan Pillowtop. Simply put, you will not feel your partner move at night. Whether they are a toss and turner, an early riser or using the facilities, it’s not the bed that will wake you.

How about Edge Support?

Vegan Mattress: Very good

Vegan Pillowtop Mattress: Superior

Avocado reinforces the outer edge of the spring support system with thicker coils on every mattress. This results in a stronger edge support allowing you to sleep all the way to the edge with no worry of sliding off. As the Pillowtop adds 2 inches of latex, that responsive material will actually add to the edge support, as opposed to memory foam tops that generally absorb and sag as you lie on the edge.

One Added Benefit: The ultra responsive nature of latex actually helps you get out of bed in the morning!

Off Gassing

The Avocado Vegan mattress is 100% organic. There is ZERO Off Gassing!

How does the Avocado arrive?

The Avocado comes in a box. It’s crazy to think that a king size mattress with powerful springs and dense latex can be compressed, but it can. And, with no sacrifice to quality and durability. Some people ask if compressing the springs will hurt their integrity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Springs are actually shipped compressed all over the world (to save space). The springs integrity is damaged if they are pulled excessively or bent out of position. But, the way Avocado compresses its mattresses, they keep their shape and strength. The box arrives via Fedex or White Glove Delivery if you choose. Simply unbos the mattress. Rest it on the bed frame and remove the plastic wrapping and the bed will decompress before your eyes. You can begin sleeping on the bed and enjoying a restful night sleep that same day. The Avocado Vegan arrives compressed and wrapped up in a box for easy shipping and moving to the bedroom. The latex and the springs combined make the bed definitely on the heavier side. Most sized will be a 2 man job to move, especially if going up stairs. Check out the Dimensions below for more details.

What’s the Avocado Return Policy & Warranty?

Avocado stands behind their bed so much that they give you a FULL YEAR, yes 365 Days! to try it out. Most companies offer 100 nights. If for any reason this is not the mattress of your dreams, you can return it for a 100% refund. Here’s how it works:

  1. The trial begins when you RECEIVE the mattress (the fedex delivery day).
  2. You can sleep on it for 365 nights. As there can be a slight break-in period, Avocado asks that you not initiate a return during the first 30 days.
  3. If it’s not the mattress of your dreams, reach out to Avocado via their customer service portal on their website, provide your name and order number and that’s it! There are no questions asked!
  4. Returns: Avocado coordinates a donation or recycling pickup on a day of your choosing. They handle everything and there’s nothing you have to do besides letting them know the best pickup date.
  5. Full 100% refunds (no fees!!) are issued within days of the return

Avocado doesn’t stop there!
Avocado covers the mattress with a 25 year warranty. This does not include normal wear and tear, but any manufacturer defects are covered. If there are impressions greater than 1.5 in, Avocado will replace your mattress for the entire time you own it.

Dimensions and Weights

Size Regular Regular PillowTop PillowTop
Twin 11″ H  68 lbs 13″ H  85 lbs
Twin XL 11″ H 71 bls 13″ H 85 bls
Full 11″ H  95 lbs 13″ H  111 lbs
Queen 11″ H  118 bls 13″ H  128 lbs
King 11″ H  140 lbs 13″ H  177 lbs
Cal King 11″ H 143 lbs 13″ H 163 lbs

How Do I order the Avocado Vegan? Does Avocado Offer Financing?

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Yes, Avocado offers financing through Affirm. Enjoy as low as 0% APR if you pay in full within up to 18 months when you choose Affirm.


Where Can I Try the Avocado Mattress?

Avocado has begun to open experience showrooms in California. However, if you are in the Chicago or Columbus OH area, please visit our Sandman Sleep Showroom Chicago or Sandman Sleep Showroom Columbus to try the Avocado mattress before you buy (we’ll even help get it ordered for you with our special coupon!):

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415 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60618
Etching of the Columbus city skyline with a blue background. Sandman Sleep's showroom is located in Columbus


44 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Naperville,, IL Skyline

Naperville / Aurora

4400 McCoy Drive, Aurora, IL 60504
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