Nest Bedding Quail Memory Foam Mattress Detailed Review

The Straight Scoop - Our Findings & Highlights

The Quail is Nest Bedding’s premium all foam mattress made with 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam.  Quail offers a cool, deep relaxing sleep at an affordable price.  Handcrafted in the USA, this award winning mattress is backed by one of the industry’s strongest guarantees: 1 Full Year free trial and a Lifetime Warranty.  

Mattress Type/Category Gel Infused Memory Foam
Comfort Styles 2: Medium  & Firm
Height 10”
Total Layers 3-4 Depending Upon Preferred Firmness
Cover Thermic Phase Change Cooling Cover
Comfort Layer Medium Side 2″-3” Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam
Support Layer 5″-8″ 1.8 lb Edge Support Base Foam
Tufting No tufting, Flat Surface
Sleeps Cool Yes!
Motion Isolation Excellent
Edge Support Medium: Good, Firm Very Good
Budget  Twin-King $679-$1,199, Queen $1,039
Feeling when lying down Medium, Firm
Quail is ideal for Medium, Firm
Quail is not right for Medium, Firm
Sleep Trial & Warranty 1 Year Trial & Lifetime Warranty
That one special thing Hyper responsive, great for all bedroom activities

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Company Overview

Nest Quail Mattress in Bedroom

In 2011, mattress veteran and big wave surfer Joe Alexander, realized that, like a bird when it wants to build a nest, sourcing materials locally was the only way to build his beds.  Hence Nest Bedding, a family owned factory direct mattress company out of Chico, CA was born.  Alexander also knew that offering consumers an opportunity to lay on a mattress was also important and he opened his first store in 2012.  Today, Nest has 9 stores across the States (incl. showroom partners Sandman Sleep in Chicago and Columbus!) offering organic, natural, and certified luxury products.

Sustainability is paramount.  To back it up, they recently introduced a lifetime renewal exchange for their luxury mattresses. The LRE is a one-time comfort guarantee that can be redeemed anytime, even after their industry leading 356 day trial.  You can renew your mattress when it’s right for you. Instead of removing and replacing your mattress, you can breathe new life into your mattress with an exchange for a brand new comfort layer and save the environment from another mattress disposed of and yourself the time and money it takes to shop for a new mattress.

Nest Quail Construction & Materials

Nest Quail Medium Mattress Layers

Before we dive into the Quail’s medium & firm comfort levels, let’s have a look at the reason Nest Quail is one of the most popular and award winning all foam mattresses in the market.

The Cover

Nest Quail Mattress Cover

Quail begins with a plush stretch fabric that gives a touch of softness without sacrificing the support underneath.  THERMIC® is Nest’s patented temperature regulation technology that keeps the fabric cool.  It is a phase change material that cools the skin by absorbing heat when the body temperature goes up and releases heat when the temperature cools down to maintain a consistent sleeping temperature.  

Comfort Layer

Hand pressing on Nest Sparrow mattress cooling gel comfort layerFor comfort, Nest lays down 3” of cooling Energex temperature responsive foam on the medium.  Energex is a hybrid foam that combines the pressure relieving properties of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex.  With Energex, you get the best of both worlds.  Many people who have latex allergies but still wish to have the responsiveness of latex in their mattresses prefer Energex.  Energex packs in all of temperature regulating gel you would expect from a world class mattress, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night.

It’s important to note that the Energex foam comes as one solid piece as opposed to multiple layers of gel foam and memory foam because one piece provides greater pressure relief.  Two or more layers compete with each other as the surface friction makes it difficult to provide consistent pressure relief.

Below the Energex is a 2′ layer of convoluted SmartFlow foam.  SmartFlow promotes greater air circulation through the mattress and acts as a ventilation system that dissipates the warmth pulled away by the gel infused Energex.  It also serves to soften the mattress.

On the firm model, Nest chose a 2″ layer of Energex on top of the a thicker dense core. The thinner Energex layer still allows for some comfort and contouring but feels firmer as your body is supported by the denser support layer more quickly.  There is no SmartFlow foam on the firm, thereby increasing the firmness of the mattress.  You will definitely be sleeping more “on top” of the firm side.

Support System

Below the comfort layer lies either a 5″ (medium) or 8″ (firm) block of high density support foam.  This CertiPUR-US, USA-made, support base foam is lightweight and open-celled to allow for maximum cooling of the mattress. The 5″ in the medium of this layer provides adequate support without sacrificing comfort. 

The thicker 8″ section within the firm configuration allows for greater support throughout the mattress, with emphasized edge support lacking in most memory foam beds.   


Tufting is the process where the individual parts of the mattress are either sewn or glued together to prevent slippage.  In the Quail’s case, the stretch fabric and flat surface eliminates the need for tufting.     

Does The Quail Sleep Cool?

Couple happily sleeping cool and comfortable on a Nest Bedding mattress

YES!  We found the Quail to offer a cool to neutral (i.e., not hot) temperature control.  Being cool at night is all about being dry.  The Quail accomplishes the cool factor through a 3 step heat dispersion process: 

  1. The Thermic material sewn into the cover helps wick away moisture thereby reducing skin temperature.
  2. The gel infused comfort layer pulls heat from the body (and doesn’t return it!)
  3. The SmartFlow layer in the medium allows for maximum air flow from the mattress, dissipating any heat captured by the Energex foam layer.  

Final result – the Quail offers a temperature neutral feel and will keep you dry throughout the night allowing your body to get the rest it deserves.  If you naturally overheat at night there might be more factors in play such as geographic location, room temperature and sheet selection.   

How about Edge Support?

The medium Nest Quail has good edge support for being such an affordable all foam mattress.   Edge support comes from the 5 inch solid core. But it has to go through 4Nest Quail Mattress Edge Support inches of pressure relieving foam before you get to it.  The firm rates a very good edge support as the 8″ block of support foam increases the firmness substantially.  Often times, it’s difficult to find superior edge support in all foam mattresses.  The additional foam core makes sure the mattress edge is “sag free”.  This edge support increases the sleeping area so, for example, if one partner is a bed hog, the other partner can rest soundly on the edge.  No, well minimal, chance of falling off. 

If you desire greater edge support and wish to stay within this budget range, check our Nest’s Robin flippable hybrid mattress.     

Nest Bedding Quail Mattress Comfort & Feel

Nest Quail Mattress front view

Let’s get down to why you’re really here.  How does the Quail actually feel and is it right for me?  Regardless of the comfort level you choose, Nest comes with a 1 year trial and lifetime warranty, so you can sleep well knowing you have one of the industry’s best money back guarantees. 

Quail Medium

Nest rates the medium Quail a 5 out of 10, however, we found the medium Quail to be a bit firmer.  Closer to a 6 or 6.5.  The responsiveness of the Energex foam makes it feel a bit firmer.  Designed as a multi-sleeper, the medium can support all sleeping positions, however, exclusive side sleepers may wish for a mattress that is a little more plush (such as the Nest Bedding Owl Soft) for additional side contouring. There is a little bit of sink on the top layer but not too much that you feel the mattress surround you.  There’s just enough to provide some pressure relief to the hips and shoulders.  That being said, we feel its best for primarily back and stomach sleepers that also tend to find themselves on their sides.  You will definitely feel more “on” the mattress instead of “in” the mattress.  

At 10″ the Quail can comfortably support individuals up to 200 lbs.  Above that, you may require additional support from two of Nest’s other popular hybrids the Nest Bedding Sparrow or Nest Bedding Owl.  Average sized sleepers will find plenty of comfort and spinal aligning support from the Quail.  Upon our testing, edge support performs well on the Quail compared to other memory foam mattresses.  You can use the entire surface of the mattress without a feeling of sliding or falling off.  Lastly, motion transfer is zero in the Quail.  Memory foam by its very nature absorbs energy.  You will not feel your partner move at night.

  • On Sandman’s Firmness Scale, we rate the Medium a 6 out of 10.
  • This is a MultiSleeper, designed for all sleeping styles, however larger side sleepers may need a little more pressure relief.   
  • The gel infused comfort layer provides a little bit of sink, but even so, the superior airflow design and advanced cooling technology on the top layer will keep you cool and dry all night long. 
  • Edge support is very good – minimal side sagging here!
Quail Firm

The firm Quail is definitely firmer than the medium.  Nest rates it around a 9 out of 10.  We, however, felt it fell in the 7.5-8 range.  The 8″ if dense foam core and the removal of the SmartFlow transition layer definitely firm this mattress up.  The medium would be more on the “comfortable” range. 

Exclusive back and side sleepers will get the most comfort from the Firm side.  Lumbar support is excellent in the Firm, as we felt it fill in the space between our lower back and the mattress.  Side sleepers may also have a comfortable experience but you will lose the softer luxury feel as the medium.  You will definitely not sink  as you sleep “on top” of this mattress.  The bed still packs in all of the same cooling features as its cousins so you will sleep cool and dry throughout the night.  If you do end up on your side, you won’t have as much pressure relief.  You will, however, have the same cooling factors and of course support. 

  • On Sandman’s Firmness Scale, we rate Firm a 7.5 out of 10.
  • Stomach and back sleepers will get the most benefit out of the Firm side.  Any side sleepers should look more toward the Medium.
  • The firm comfort layer provides very little sink, but even so, the superior airflow design and advanced cooling technology will keep you cool and dry all night long. 
  • Edge support is very good – minimal side sagging here!

Motion Isolation - Is Quail Good for Couples?

GIF of man walking on Owl with woman laying downAll Nest Quails have superior motion isolation.  Simply put, you will not feel your partner move at night.  Whether they are a toss and turner, an early riser or using the facilities, it’s not the bed that will wake you.  However, there are differences among the styles due to their construction.  The Medium will have the lesser amount of motion transfer because the thicker layer of Energex gel foam which absorbs energy.  The high density gel foam of the firm may transfer motion ever so slightly, but not enough to impact sleep.  This being said,  the superior design and attention to detail get the Nest Bedding Quail as close to no motion as possible.

How does the Nest Quail arrive?

All Nest Bedding mattresses come compressed and shipped in a box for easy delivery

The Nest Quail comes in a box. It’s crazy to think that a king size Quail with dense foams can be compressed, but it can.  And, with no sacrifice to quality and durability.  The open celled architecture of the foams allows for returning to its original shape for years to come.  A brief amount of time compressed while shipped will not impact its integrity.  Furthermore, the way Nest compresses its mattresses, they keep their shape and strength. 

The box arrives via Fedex or White Glove Delivery if you choose.  Simply unbox the mattress.  Rest it on the bed frame and remove the plastic wrapping and the bed will decompress before your eyes.  You can begin sleeping on the bed and enjoying a restful night sleep that same day.

What is Nest's Return Policy?

Nest Bedding lifetime warranty for all mattresses and Lifetime renewal guarantee for the Owl and Sparrow mattressesMattress Industry leading 365 night free trial of all Nest Bedding Mattresses

Nest offers a full 1 YEAR trial period, certainly one of the best in the industry.  Nest truly makes it hassle free as they do all the heavy lifting.  Here’s how the systems works:

  1. The trial begins when you RECEIVE the mattress (the fedex delivery day).
  2. You can sleep on it for 365 nights.  As there can be a slight break-in period, Nest asks that you not initiate a return during the first 30 days.  
  3. If it’s not the mattress of your dreams, reach out to Nest via phone, email or chat (on their website), provide your name and order number and let them know if you wish to RETURN.  
  4. Returns: Nest coordinates a donation or recycling pickup on a day of your choosing.  They handle everything and there’s nothing you have to do besides letting them know the best pickup date.
  5. Full 100% refunds (no fees!!) are issued within 5 days of the pick-up. 

Nest doesn’t stop there!  They offer a lifetime warranty on every mattress.

Dimensions and Weights

Size Height Weight
Twin 10″ 43 lbs
Twin XL 10″ 45 lbs
Full 10″ 57 lbs
Queen 10″ 70 lbs
King 10″ 86 lbs
Cal King 10″ 86 lbs


Does Nest Offer Financing?

Affirm Logo. pay over time financing logo for mattress purchases

Yes, Nest offers pay-over-time financing through Affirm.  Enjoy up to 18 months 0% financing through Affirm

Where Can I Try a Nest Quail Mattress?

Nest has 9 stores on the West Coast. However, if you are in the Chicago or Columbus, OH area, please visit our Sandman Sleep Chicago Showroom or our Sandman Sleep Columbus Showroom to try out the Nest line of mattresses (we’ll even help get it ordered for you!)

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