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The Straight Scoop - Our Findings & Highlights

Helix crafted its Plus mattress for those larger sleepers that may need a little extra comfort where it counts – without sacrificing support. While mattresses for larger sleepers exist, they generally rely upon firmness for support and give up comfort.  Well, larger sleepers (and their smaller partners who need extra cushion), have been thanking Helix ever since.  All of this comfort and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Mattress Type/Category Hybrid
Comfort Styles Medium Firm
Height 11.5”
Total Layers 6
Cover Silky breathable TENCEL™ or upgrade to cool-to-touch GlacioTex Cooling Cover
Comfort layers 3 layers, 3” of cooling, conforming & supportive foams.
Support System XL springs for greater support + perimeter springs for edge support
Tufting Top tufting
Sleeps Cool Very Good
Good for Couples? / Motion Transfer Very Good
Edge Support Excellent – dense foams and reinforced coils around the edges
Budget Twin to King $811 – $1,811, Queen $1,499
Feeling when lying down Cool and responsive with significant support
Helix Plus is ideal for All sleeping styles up to 300lbs, looking for a cool and supportive mattress
Helix Plus is not right for Lighter to average side sleepers that need a lot of sink
Sleep Trial & Warranty 100 Night Trial, 10 Year Warranty
That one special thing Plus sized support in a medium firm feel

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Company Overview

Formed in 2015, Helix is all about personal preference and individuality. Each mattress is designed for your unique body type, sleeping position, and feel preference using Helix’s proprietary sleep technology.  That mantra, combined with advanced R&D and a focus on technology to drive sleep, allowed it to win countless independently reviewed awards.

Headquartered in New York City, Helix offers free shipping directly to your doorstep in the US and Canada with a 100-night no questions asked trial.

In 2019, Helix introduced its first all natural and sustainable brand Birch. The brand carries 100% organic certified products.

Before we dive into how the Plus feels, let’s have a look at the reason it is ranked as one of the most comfortable and supportive luxury hybrid mattresses for larger folks on the market.

Helix Plus Construction & Materials

Helix Plus mattress layers

The Cover

Helix chose a Tencel cover as an upgrade to its Plus Helix Plus Tencil Cover mattress. Tencel has a soft, luxurious feel designed to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. It’s a 100% natural, eucalyptus-based performance fabric – more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. No more tossing and turning because you are hot. Tencel is also naturally anti-microbial by resisting dust mites, bacteria and allergens. AND, Tencel uses 10-20x less water during production than cotton so it is better for the environment!

Cooling Gel Coating (upgrade) – The enhanced cooling experience begins as soon as you touch the GlacioTex+ cover.  Brooklyn applied cool-to-the-touch phase change material (PCM).  PCM areGlacioTex+ Cover heat activated gel microbeads.  Generally, our skin is 91 degrees, however our ideal sleeping skin temperature is 88 degrees. When they come into contact with a temperature greater than 88 degrees they liquify and activate.  Gel absorbs heat, so you get that cool-to-the touch feeling.  When the temperature reaches 88 degrees, the beads solidify and lessen the heat draw.  This helps the Helix Plus mattress regulate your skin temperature at the optimal level – making it very popular with hot sleepers. The weave is also ultra breathable and highly wicking so you stay cool and dry all night long.

Comfort Layer + Additional Support Foam + Transition Foam

Helix Plus achieves its medium firm feel at the comfort layer. By layering a dense gel infused pressure relieving comfort foam on top of a conforming support core foam, followed by a transition foam, Helix has struck the perfect combination to match the larger sleeper’s  sleeping style. Why a gel infused top layer? Gel pulls away heat from your body (think osmosis in HS biology). It keeps you cool throughout the night so you achieve the maximum benefits of sleep. Below the gel is a supportive foam layer that offers springiness and bounciness along with weight distribution. The support core prevents that total energy absorption / super-sinking feeling of most memory foams. Finally, the transition layer offers an additional support layer and more importantly further dampens any motion transfer that may come from the hybrid’s spring system.

Helix uses a triple combination in every comfort layer of:

  1. 1″ Ultra Dense Memory Plus: Helix uses a 4 pound Memory Plus Foam – which is an extra-durable Helix blend that offers a medium-firm feel with just a bit of sink on the surface.
  2. 1″ Helix Dynamic Foam: Helix’s proprietary dense latex-foam hybrid alternative provides an overall medium-firm feel. The Dynamic Foam really helps prevent the sagging that occurs in lesser supportive mattresses, but still contours to sleepers, and supports the correct sleep position for plus size sleepers
  3. 1″ Firm Memory Foam: transition Providing ergonomic support and contour, designed to dampen motion transfer and allow further support (soft, medium, firm).
Coil Support System

Helix Plus’s support system employs extra tall triple tempered steel individually pocketed coils directly underneath the comfort layer. This high grade steel provides superior support throughout the life of the mattress.  The center zone provides superior hip and lumbar support, while the reinforced perimeter delivers a consistent sleep surface, reducing any roll-off feeling.

Finally, for even more support where it counts, Helix reinforces the lower back lumbar region.

Helix Plus front view of mattress

Bottom Support Layer

The bottom DuraDense foam layer of the mattress provides base support and durability to the entire mattress. This final stage helps keep everything together and limits motion for the sleeper.


Tufting is the process where the individual parts of the mattress are either sewn or glued together to prevent slippage. In Helix’s case, they chose top tufting, where the cover is sewn into the gel foam layer. Tufting helps keep everything nice and together. This is just another example of the little details Helix takes care of so you can rest easy.

Does Helix Plus Sleep Cool?

Helix Plus sleeps cool

YES! We found Helix Plus to offer a cool to neutral temperature control. Being cool at night is all about being dry. Helix accomplishes this cool factor through a 3 step process to disperse heat.

  1. The Tencel cover wicks away moisture
  2. The gel infused comfort layer pulls heat from the body (and doesn’t return it!)
  3. As the mattress is a hybrid, air is able to flow and circulate in-between the coil system

Final result – Helix Plus will keep you cool and dry throughout the night allowing your body to get the rest it deserves.

How about Edge Support?

Helix Plus superior edge support

Excellent: As mentioned in the “Support” section above, Helix Plusis one of the best in the business when it comes to edge support.  Helix surrounds the outer edge of the mattress with stronger springs to make sure the mattress edge is “sag free”. This edge support increases the sleeping area so, for example, if one partner is a bed hog, the other partner can rest soundly on the edge. Finally, when you get out of bed in the morning, it gives you that little nudge to help you get out!

Helix Plus Comfort & Feel

A departure from their usual “choices galore” approach, Helix put their heart and soul into making one comfort selection and nailed the perfect combination of comfort and support for the larger sleeper.

The Helix Plus offers a medium firm feel, which supports all sleeping styles of a larger individual and is geared more towards the stomach and back average sized sleepers.  Average sized side sleepers can get away with it, but they may still need more pressure relief (in this case have a look at the very popular Helix Luxe line).  The dense top layers give you a supportive yet comfortable feel. The luxury gel foam relieves the pressure points on your hips and shoulders.

From the moment you lay down on the premium quilted pillow top with an ultra breathable Tencel cover, it is obvious  that you’ve arrived on a very supportive mattress.  The gel top will almost immediately begin to contour to your body  as you settle into the mattress, you can begin to ever so slightly feel the pushback from the robust pocketed coils as they begin to properly align your spine.  The Plus mattresses feature zoned lumbar support for enhanced contouring where you need it most.

With the Plus, larger sleepers will get the best of both worlds: maximum pressure and proper spinal alignment due to the sinking of the hip and shoulder regions.  You will definitely sleep more “on top” of the mattress as opposed to “in” the mattress.  This further promotes a cool comfortable night’s sleep.  Plus, with the cooling gel combined with the air flow design and the Tencel cover keep this Plus bed cool all evening long.

The sweet spot for weight is up to 300 lbs.

  • On Sandman’s Firmness Scale, we rate Helix Plus 6.5 out of 10.
  • Designed to support the larger sleeper of any position, average sized stomach and back sleepers will also find the Plus comfortable.
  • Even with a little bit of sink, the superior airflow design and advanced cooling technology will keep you cool and dry all night long.
  • Edge support is excellent – no side sagging here!

Helix Plus firmness scale


Motion Isolation (no motion transfer)

Very Good

Helix Plus mattresses boast very good motion isolation. Simply put, you will barely feel your partner move at night, if any at all. Whether they are a toss and turner, an early riser or using the facilities, it’s not the mattress that will wake you.  Any motion that may exist, will most likely come from the springs below, but the pocket coil system separates the springs further isolating any motion transfer. If you need total motion isolation, then look more toward an all foam mattresses. However, the superior design and attention to detail of the Helix Plus get these hybrids as close to no motion as possible.

How does the Helix Plus arrive?

Every Helix Plus comes in a box. It’s crazy to think that a king size model with powerful springs and dense foams can be compressed, but it can. And, without sacrificing quality and durability. Some people ask if compressing the springsHelix in a Box hurts their integrity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Springs are actually shipped compressed all over the world (to save space). Pulling or bending springs damages their integrity. But, the way Helix compresses its mattresses, springs keep their shape and strength.

The box arrives via FedEx. Simply unbox the mattress. Rest it on the bed frame, remove the plastic wrapping and the bed will decompress before your eyes. You can begin sleeping on the it and enjoying a restful night sleep that same day.

What is Helix's Return Policy? Can I Exchange a Helix Plus for a Softer or Firmer Model?

Helix offers a 100 night trial period, giving you over 3 months to test out your new investment. You can either return it for a 100% refund during the trial period. It truly is15 Year Warranty Logo hassle free as Helix does all the heavy lifting. Here’s how both systems work:

  1. The trial begins when you RECEIVE the mattress (the Fedex delivery day).
  2. You can sleep on it for 100 nights. As there can be a slight break-in period, Helix asks that you not initiate a return during the first 30 days.
  3. If it’s not the mattress of your dreams, reach out to Helix via phone, email or chat (on their website), provide your name and order number and let them know if you wish to start a RETURN. There are no questions asked!
  4. Helix coordinates a donation or recycling pickup on a day of your choosing. They handle everything and there’s nothing you have to do besides letting them know the best pickup date.
  5. Full 100% refunds (no fees!!) are issued within 5 days of the pick-up.

What if the bed is just too firm or too soft. Can I exchange?

Helix offers a very popular program if you love the bed, but it’s just not quite right. They will send you a FREE TOPPER ($150 value), no questions asked. It just needs to be within the trial period. The great thing about the Helix topper is that it acts like a fitted sheet. No slip or sliding here, the topper becomes part of you bed.

Dimensions and Weights

Based on the construction of each mattress, the weight can vary within the following ranges:

  • King/CA King (110-130 lbs)
  • Queen (90-110 lbs)
  • Full (80-100 lbs)
  • Twin XL (60-70 lbs)
  • Twin (60-70 lbs)

How Do I Order a Helix Plus? Does Helix Offer Financing?

Yes, Helix offers financing through Affirm.  Up to 12 months at 0%.  Click here to see if you qualify.Affirm Logo. pay over time financing logo for mattress purchases

Where Can I Try a Helix Mattress?

Helix is sold exclusively online. However, if you are in the Chicago or Columbus, OH area, please visit our Sandman Sleep Showrooms to test out the Helix Plus for yourself (we’ll even help get it ordered for you!):

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415 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60618
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44 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43215
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